Download Raw Video Footage of Penn and Philadelphia

Over the years I've worked on video projects for lots of Penn student clubs. I know how difficult it can be to make a film from scratch, so some very generous filmmakers and I are offering our high-quality DSLR and drone video footage. You may use this footage for free for non-commercial purposes.

Once you've incorporated footage into your film, shoot me an email at chriskao@seas.upenn.edu so I can promote your film on this page. Please credit "Video footage from www.christopherkao.me/video-footage.html."

If interested in a new drone shoot, check out my company Philly By Drone.

Films With My Footage

Here are some films that have used this open-sourced video footage.

Penn Filmmaking Resources

Over the years I've uncovered a lot of filmmaking resources, which are generally distributed across different departments. I want to share with you where you can find the right resources for your video projects.

  1. Check out cameras, tripods, and audio equipment from the Vitale Digital Media Lab. Vitale also has amazing Mac Pro computers and 4K monitors for editing. They've recently added a green screen studio.
  2. The Penn Cinema Studies Department offers classes on film production and film theory.
  3. Penntertainment is Penn's entertainment industry alumni group. They have a cool blog series on their website called "Alumni You Should Know About."
  4. Penn CAMRA is a coalition of graduate students who use alternative media to convey research. They have CAMRA undergraduate fellows each year.